Endometriosis refers to the appearance of endometrial glands or stroma outside the uterus. It is popularly believed that the endometrium that grows in the uterine cavity grows beyond the uterine cavity, so the disease is caused.

If the ectopic endometrium grows on the ovary, a chocolate cyst will form. Relatively rare will go to the lungs to grow.

In women with endometriosis, their gestational ability is about half that of women of the same age as normal reproduction.

According to a large foreign research study, women with mild endometriosis have also experienced a decrease in reproductive capacity. Although there is 深圳代孕服务plenty of evidence to show the relationship between endometriosis and infertility, no causal relationship has yet been established. At different stages of endometriosis, the mechanism of infertility is not fully understood and seems to be different.

Why is it difficult for patients with endometriosis to have surrogacy?

Many women may suffer from infertility after suffering from endometriosis, which is a worry for many women of childbearing age. Endometriosis patients are more difficult to surrogate for three reasons:


The common effect of endometriosis is the pelvic cavity, which can cause some serious adhesions in the pelvic cavity, which changes the microenvironment of the pelvic cavity. At this time, it will affect sperm.Surrogate.



Endometriosis may lead to abnormal immune function. At this time, anti-endometrial antibodies will increase the destruction of the normal metabolic physiological functions of the endometrium, and it is also difficult to surrogate.




深圳代孕网_陕西一确诊新冠肺炎夫妇隐瞒湖北行程被立案,代孕儿媳已感染 A generation of pregnant mothers in Danfeng County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province were also diagnosed the day after their in-laws were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. On February 5, the Shaanxi Procuratorate issued a message through its official Weibo that the surrogate mother was the first confirmed case found 深圳代孕深圳神州中泰代孕 in surrogate mothers in Shaanxi Province, 8 months before the surrogate mother, and is currently being isolated in Shangluo Central Hospital.smooth. The Shaanxi Procuratorate stated in the news that as of February 5 at 10 o'clock, there were 23 new cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed in Shaanxi, including 10 in Xi'an, 4 in Xianyang, 3 in Weinan, 3 in Hanzhong, and 2 in Ankang.For example, 1 case in Shangluo City. According to the news, the confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia in Shangluo City is a surrogate mother who has been surrogate for 8 months. According to news, the surrogate mother is 33 years old and lives in Danfeng County. She was isolated and observed on February 2 and continued to dry cough. She was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia on February 5. Obviously, in the list of 14 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia released by the Shaanxi Procuratorate on the 24th, the surrogate mother's father-in-law Wang Mou and mother-in-law Zhang Mou are also impressively listed. Earlier news showed that Wang and his wife departed from Yunxi County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province and returned to Danfeng County on January 21. Wang developed symptoms on February 2 and went to the village 深圳代孕包成功多少钱clinic on the same day. By February 2,He went to Danfeng County People's Hospital for treatment beca



Not long ago, the first Chinese frozen egg case was in full swing. Some people felt that China should let go of frozen egg services, because refusing to freeze eggs for single women violates women 's reproductive rights and is not conducive to gender equality. Others believe that if it is released, it may breed egg trading 深圳代孕产子网 and other illegal and criminal acts, which will pose challenges to China's existing social medicine and marriage system.

One of them involves freshmen. When there is a topic about children, Chinese people who have strong concepts of lineage succession become very sensitive.

The frozen egg lawsuit of the XX incident, as well as another People 's Daily talks about the opening event and some related news, all of which have burst the Internet and become a hot event, causing a national discussion.

Because in the eyes of the Chinese, children mean everything and the meaning of life. But this world is not who can get pregnant easily, and for those families who cannot naturally substitute for surrogacy but desperately need a child, although the current test tube medical technology is already very powerful, it also has problems that cannot be 深圳代孕费用 solved.

For example, for those people with diseases in the uterus, how does this naturally surrogate? This came into being. According to biology, if the eggs and sperm are from both parents, then the child born has no blood relationship with the surrogate mother.

However, this case seems to be unacceptable to most Chinese people who are very concerned about the rebirth of rebirth. In addition to China'


深圳代孕网哪个正规_旅德大熊猫梦梦大概率已代孕 宝宝预计月底诞生 The surrogate baby Panda "Dream Dream" has a high probability of surrogate babies. It is expected to be born at the end of the month. The Berlin Zoo, Germany announced on the 14th that after the first mating in April this year, the ultrasound image of the female Panda "Dream Dream" residing here, hormone test andVarious indicators such as behavioral performance indicate that it has a high probability of successful surrogacy. If all goes well, Germany is expected to welcome the first baby panda born within it from the end of August to the beginning of September. The park is 深圳代生小孩公司 currently actively preparing for it. The female giant panda "Mengmeng" (now 6 years old) and the male giant panda "Jiaoqing" (now 9 years old) from Sichuan, China arrived in Berlin in June 2017 and have lived in the Berlin Zoo Giant Panda Museum until now. In April of this year, the garden party arranged the pair for the first time to mate the giant pandas. In order to increase the chance of conception, artificial insemination was also implemented for Dream Dream. On August 14, the Berlin Zoo checked the physical condition of "Mengmeng". According to the director of the zoo, Andreas Knirim, when the pregnant fetus begins to develop normally, the female panda will suddenly be drowsy and have an appetite, which is what "dream dream" currently shows.status. In addition, 深圳代孕中介靠谱吗 he said that in addition, the ultrasound images and hormonal test results show that "Dream Dream" has been successfully conceived; before "Dream Dream" shows the above points, its appetite is very strong, and its weight has increased by about 15 since the spring of this year.Kg, reaching 96 kg.



Do you have many doubts and helplessness in the IVF treatment process? Many sisters around me will ask Xiaomei He, what is the success rate of her test tube this time? Does everyone need to induce ovulation? Nowadays With these questions, let us look at the experts mentioned!

During IVF treatment

There are always some questions that confuse patients

The first time I failed

How long can I do it for the second time

Why do you let me lose weight

How successful is my situation

And there are too many problems like this in the background

. . . .


The little girl picked a few

Top Questions

And found a detailed answer by experts!



Why do I need to reduce births after having IVF?


According to national regulations, as long as it is a nationally approved test tube baby center and a reproductive center, it must have a fetal reduction technology. The most common 深圳代孕 thing is to reduce three or more births to twins.Must be reduced to twins. We need persuasion to reduce twins to singles, especially for older patients, patients over 35 years old, and the incidence of various obstetric complications in twins is very high, so we generally persuade her.

Just last week, we had a 40-year-old patient who was pregnant with twins. I advised her to lose one because it is prone to problems. We had a 35-year-old before. I also reduced her from twins to singles., She accepted, reduced to a singleton, of course, her parents, mainly the male 's parents are very opinionated, the male 's parents said that you had two more good things this time, but after talking to him, he felt pregnantAfter having twins, wo

深圳代孕最好的公司_曝章子怡代孕5个月 与张雪

深圳代孕最好的公司_曝章子怡代孕5个月 与张雪迎一起逛街吃饭被发现小肚隆起 Is Zhang Ziyi's surrogacy 5 months real? On July 24th, some media exposed Zhang Ziyi's photos of her daughter 深圳代生孩子 waking 深圳代孕产子网 up with actor Zhang Xueying for dinner. On the day, Zhang Ziyi was wearing a light blue shirt and a straw hat, looking young and energetic. The mother and daughter came to the door of a restaurant to meet Zhang Xueying. Zhang Ziyi greeted Zhang Xueying with her daughter's hand, waking up in a dark dress, and was very cute. Soon Zhang Xueying appeared in a short-sleeved top and khaki overalls, known as a black fisherman hat. I did not expect that the two actresses with very different ages have such a private relationship. Although she didn't admit to having a second child, it was already obvious that Zhang Ziyi's pregnant belly could be polished from the photos. She was a bit cumbersome to walk in flat shoes. However, female celebrity surrogacy is really only a 深圳代孕中介靠谱吗深圳代孕服务 fat belly, Zhang Ziyi's slender limbs back and thin, except for the belly can not see any changes. During the meal, Zhang Xueying's appetite was wide, and he picked up the food and enjoyed it. He was indeed a young man, and he didn't care about gaining weight. But Zhang Ziyi didn't know whether it was because of the surrogacy reaction that caused his appetite, or he was afraid of gaining weight and didn't eat much during the whole journey. The two had a great conversation while eating and chatting. Zhang Ziyi was 18 years older than Zhang Xueying, but there was no generation gap when they got along. As early as Zhang Xueying participated in "The Birth of the Actors", Zhang Ziyi admired th



Abnormal endocrine disorders are unique to women, and men can also have endocrine disorders, making men's tempers become more and more irritable, without any spirit, what is the cause of endocrine disorders in men?

What are the causes of endocrine disorders in men?

1. Emotional and environmental factors

When the psychological pressure is too great, it will affect the endocrine. Many men often encounter various pressures such 深圳代孕联系方式 as work and life. They are in a state of tension, and there will be certain abnormalities in their emotions, so that hormone secretion causes endocrine disorders. Some chemicals in the air will enter the body through various channels, thus forming a series of chemical reactions in the body, leading to endocrine disorders.

2. Physiological factors, the body absorbs nutrients

To maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body, there must be proper nutrition, proper and sufficient nutrition. If the nutrition supply is insufficient, it will cause endocrine disorders. Frequent smoking, drinking, staying up late, like eating spicy and irritating food, and other bad habits can also cause endocrine disorders.

How to regulate male 深圳代孕妇服务网 endocrine disorders?

1. Blood donation

Blood donation not only belongs to a kind of social morality, but also can increase the metabolic capacity of the body. Regular blood donation to the hospital is a good way to maintain health. As long as the health of the body meets the conditions of blood donation, blood donation can be voluntary.

2. Take more baths

The multi-bubble bathtub can maintain the balance of


深圳代孕深圳神州中泰代孕_男子结扎3月后妻子代孕,崇州卫生局:涉事医院无相关许可证 Original title: Wife surrogacy after the man ligated in March, Chongzhou Health Bureau: The hospital involved did not have the relevant permit. Three months ago, Deyang Shifang man Liu Mou underwent ligation surgery at Chongzhou Shudu Hospital, but his wife was foundDiagnosis and diagnosis of surrogacy. "After the second review of the effect of ligation, we felt that the ligation might have failed. My wife was panicking every day, but I didn't expect a real surrogate. Liu said that he 深圳代孕中介靠谱吗 complained to the provincial health hotline 12320 on the grounds of poor medical quality. The Chongzhou City Health Bureau intervened in the investigation and found that Chongzhou Shudu Hospital had no license for maternal and infant health care technical services, and ligation surgery was an illegal operation. Under the mediation of the bureau, the hospital compensated 5 million patients, the two sides reached a settlement, and the hospital concerned faced corresponding administrative intervention. Examination showed that Jiang had surrogate a supplement for a man who had a heart congestion for 3 months, but his wife had surrogate Liu and his wife Jiang had been married for two or three years. Jiang was in poor health.child. "I wanted to go to a hospital in a distance to do the operation without having a baby. I went to Deyang and Chongzhou and found that most of the hospitals had canceled the operation. I heard that Shudu Hospital did it and ran over. " "Liu said that when he was in the hospital, he had a dispute with his wife about choosing other surgical methods. He wanted to perform ligature tying, and his wife believed that she should perform ligature ligation. "Later, the doctor said that there is a value that is not 深圳最大的中介代孕 深圳代孕包生女孩 深圳代生男孩套餐 深圳借腹生子中介 深圳去找代孕需要多少钱 深圳借卵子借腹生子 深圳找代孕是真是假 深圳代孕技术哪家强 深圳代怀孕安全吗 深圳试管婴儿代孕的具体步骤